How it all began...

                Meet Simran Choudhary - Knee Pain Coach

Simran started her quest to resolve longstanding knee pain once and for all after she experienced some life changing experiences with her own knee pain whilst she was doing the Inca Trek that leads into Machu Picchu. The experience spontaneously resolved her knee issues where she was able to move freely without ever feeling any discomfort, pain or restrictions again at her knee. She felt a miracle had happened and for years she did not understand how it had happened. Gradually, she started to piece the puzzle together using her experiences in Physio, Ergonomics (study of biomechanics of movement), Mindfulness and Pilates to help others achieve the same result. 

Over the years, Simran has developed a successful system and when it is implemented correctly guarantees anyone of any age... no matter how long... or how severe their pain is (from osteoarthritis or an old injury) to move without any pain in their every day movements like standing, walking, going up and down steps and hills. 

Simran, based in Perth, Australia has dedicated herself to help people in their retirement years who are frustrated, depressed and losing hope to move freely again so they never have to worry about surgeries or their knees again... and feel inspired by life to enjoy an active retirement that they always dreamed of! 

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