"It is possible to become 100% pain free from an old knee injury even if it’s bone on bone without needing any surgeries or a knee replacement"

-Simran Choudhary

Simran Choudhary is a licensed Physiotherapist dedicated to solving your knee pain problems.

Simran has developed a successful system and when it is implemented correctly guarantees anyone of any age... no matter how long... or how severe their pain is (from osteoarthritis or an old injury) to move without any pain in their every day movements like standing, walking, going up and down steps and hills.

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Your Knee Pain Questions Finally Answered

Answers to our clients most common questions

Why do I still have pain from an old knee injury?

Did your knee pain start from an old injury that just never healed even years after? Whenever there is an injury to the knee or any part of the leg including back or hips then some of the key muscles in the body stop working. This usually happens if there is a period of rest or inactivity which deconditions these muscles. The most common mistake people make is to do general exercises in attempt to rehab and strengthen to regain their mobility. Infact, what you actually need to do is spend time doing specific targeted training to build back these key muscles which will allow your body to work correctly.

Is possible to be pain free from arthritis?

It’s a common perception that arthritis causes you pain even amongst health and medical professionals. You see, arthritis does not happen overnight, it happens over decades of moving a certain way. It’s just that at some point it turns from discomfort to pain which has the tendency to increase. Pain is your body’s signal that you are not moving correctly. And once you fix this issue up then you no longer have pain even if there is bone on bone wear and tear. How do you get your body to move correctly? By reducing the pressure at your knees which stops the pain signals.

How to stop my knee from giving way?

The most common approach to weakness felt at the knees is to attempt to strengthen the knee and the muscles around the knee. When in fact, these muscles DO NOT NEED any more strengthening as they are already working too much. What you actually need to do is to re-train your body to work differently. You want to correct your body’s biomechanics so you utilise the biggest muscle in your body – your glutes to work more so it reduces the pressure and strain on your knee joint. Only, then will your knees feel stable and secure.

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How To Reduce Pain Overnight

Watch my video here to learn some great and effective techniques on how you can reduce your knee pain overnight.

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How To Avoid a Knee Replacement

If you are serious about avoiding a knee replacement watch my video above to learn how you can rebuild knee movement.

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Why you still have pain from an old injury?

Are you still suffering from pain from an old knee injury or past surgery? Watch my video to learn about pain management techniques for old injuries and learn more about why you might still be experiencing pain.

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How to exercise without flaring up the knee?

In this video I run through some exercise techniques so you can safely and effectively exercise without flaring up your knee pain.

"I help people who are frustrated with not moving how they want from long standing knee pain to move without any pain or restrictions and never worry about their knee again!"

-Simran Choudhary


Cheryl Wee


I was recommended to Simran to address the intense pain in my knee due to a torn meniscus. I value the holistic approach as well as the specific exercises applied to treat the symptoms. The half hour daily exercises with a focus on mindfulness whilst doing the exercises have strengthened my hip muscles and relieved the pain in my knee. I was in a great deal of pain prior to the physio treatment with the dire option of knee replacement surgery, if physio didn't work. I am so pleased that the few simple daily exercises have had a dramatic effect on my knee pain. I feel that I am well on the road to recovery and have not been back to revisit my surgeon. Thank you Simran, you have a fantastic approach which has helped me to regain my mobility.



Simran helped me overcome my knee pain and avoid possible surgery.

Lia Bridgman


Dr Simran is a true professional with extensive experience, knowledge and know how, as well as being very caring. I went to consult with Dr Simran for the first time and walked out truly impressed. Now after 3 x Months of Pilates Physio with Dr Simran, the feeling of well being physically and overall is improved tremendously, and feel confident to exercise and maintain core, pelvic, and back strength healthy.
Strongly recommend you to consult with Dr Simran, only when you truly are committed to massive health and well being improvements
With love, grace and gratitude

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